Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Art and postcards


I Like this picture. It's the kind of picture I watch out for on a postcard. My Grandfather started collecting postcards and I sort of inherited the collection and have added to it. I particularly like art nouveau and anything French. My family apparently, came over from France in 1066 when England was invaded by the Normans. I have some PHQ cards that I bought from postal headquarters or whatever it's called - the philatelic bureau in Edinburgh. I like the sets of 10 cards that they issue about once every year. they seem to be more interesting. Often you can buy the book of stamps or a presentation pack of stamps and matching postcards. The postcards are a copy of the stamps. They are not only collectable but in the long term an investment. Unusually only two stamps were issued in the commemorative set for the marraige of The Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer. Usually, they are a set of 5 cards. I saw a set of these two stamps valued not long ago, in mint condition for £60 (about $100). I wondered about my postcards - I have a few sets of those.

Maybe, one day I shall set up a stall at a collectors fair and sell the lot for my retirement fund. or I'll leave them for another generation to keep and add to the collection - if someone from another generation shows any interest. I think his picture is by Toulouse Lautrec. I found a link to more pictures:


I think to appreciate postcards and stamps, you must be able to appreciate graphic art. I put a lot of "art" that i find roaming the Internet like a cyber-nomad in to my pictures folder and then the best ones go on the Pix page of my tiny web site:


Visit my website, have a good look around. There is some interesting stuff for such a tiny site and an insight into the mind of an eccentric Englishman - me! I kept getting adsense advertisements for places in India. On my page I have for Britney Spears too. but I checked the one out and it was quite good. They are getting quite technologically advanced in India. i think we get sort of immune to advertising and think it's all some scam - but I look at the ones I think are scams anyway. I wonder how they are making money out of such a ridiculous idea! I'm curious about everything. So click a few advertisements while you are on my site. It will help you become curious too and help put some money in my adsense account. I need that to pay for advertising for the new site I'm planning.


I just want to explain that eccentricity is something we English quite like - it means off-centre, not the usual boring person. Eccentrics have charm, are romantics and they have charisma. The worst crime we can commit is to be boring. i hope to become more eccentric as I age - most true Englishmen and Englishwomen for that matter do. The Internet, is a good playground for the English eccentric. We can express ourselves and be free - free from the shackles of rules and bureaucrats. We hate bureaucrats and their rules - they are breeding - more of the buggers every year. They used to all be male - but they are teaching young girlies how to be bureaucrats now! It should be bloody illegal! It's a breach of Human Rights - a crime against Humanity! For God's sake - let us not descend in to a world of brown envelopes dropping through our letter boxes day in and day out. The stress, alone costs us poor island race of British people a bloody fortune. God I miss my spell checker.....

A new community for webmasters?

My Website

I have a small website. The space is provided by my Internet Service provider. It's only 15 Mb and I do my best with the small amount of space I have. the address or URL is:


I hope you will visit and bear in my mind that I'm still learning. But I have plans for something bigger. I want to help other people do the same as I have. I've seen pages that people have done on Myspace, Bebo and similar sites - and they can have lots of pages instead of just one page. But they want to belong to a community.

The community

So I want to set up a site that will link all these small sites togther to form a community. Members will get visitors or traffic from the main site and from friends they have made. Communication between members can be with Instant messenging programs or even Voice over IP now. So it will be a great little community of webmasters who are just starting out. It will allow them to keep most of the money from the advertising on their web sites. I will ask for just two advertisements for me. One advertisement to advertise the main site to make it a community and an advertisement for the company providing the web space. The money from the latter advertisement will go in to an account to pay for web space next year and hopefully the community will grow.

Free space

Anyone who doesn't have space or not enough space. I hope to allow them to have free space as a subdomain of the main site. I also intend to have FrontPage extensions enabled on the server and this will make things easier for many people. I've found Frontpage to be the easiest web design program to use so far. It also helps you learn HTML as you paste in HTML for adsense and other things. I hope people will be able to earn a little money from advertising. Some people in some countries may be able to earn lots of money. It depends on the cost of living in your country. $100 in a poor country is a lot of money. In a rich country it fills the gasoline tank on your car!


I want to add a picture to see how it comes out. I'm doing this beta thing for the first time and so I have to try everything! I have a 3D art gallery on my computer and even run a jigsaw and Art group on Yahoo groups. You can turn any picture in to a jigsaw and when you've finished it the finished picture is displayed in your personal 3D art gallery. You can go to my website - send me an email and ask for a jigsaw. My picture seems to have been added, but in the wrong place! At the top instead of the bottom. But hopefully the blog won't look too bad when published.


If you are interested in my idea for a small community of amateur webmasters, please go to my website and find my email address at the bottom of the page and email me to express an interest. The free space I will have to give away will be limited and so if you express an interest now - your name will be at the front of the queue! You can also check out getting free space from Google if you have a gmail account. It appears you get 100 Mb free and are allowed to put adsense on it.